Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding, York – Ben and Leah

  After a few easy, guest free, scene setting shots in and around the Merchant Adventurers Hall, my wedding shoot for Ben and Leah began in earnest in the rear courtyard, where most of the early activity centred and in anticipation of the bride’s arrival by car on Fossgate. Leah’s mum was an early focus… Read more

The Grange Hotel Wedding, York – Alex and Adam

  Not just the fading November light, but also the gothicy makeup and dress of the bride and the couple’s taste in heavy metal would lend a darker tone to this wedding that would be reflected in my photography and post-production. Not that the joy of a wedding day was in any way dimmed, nor… Read more

York Registry Office and Churchill Hotel Wedding – Sam and Adam

  In a repeat of Sheri and Donovan’s earlier wedding, Sam and Adam had chosen to split their day between two venues: the Registry Office and the nearby Churchill Hotel. I arrived early on a mid-summer’s day that had turned more pleasant after earlier rain and began photography in the Celebration Waiting Room as guests… Read more

Wedding Photography Post Production – Part 2

  In Part 1 I gave a general overview of wedding photography post production and in this second part I will go into detail about more specific techniques using examples. Exposure Correction 1 One big advantage to shooting with RAW files as opposed to JPEGS is the amount of detail that can be salvaged from… Read more

Wedding Photography Post Production – Part 1

    A whole book could be written about the subject of wedding photography post production. Even though what I’ll write here on the blog will be a fairly brief overview, it will be lengthy enough that I’ve decided to spread it over two posts. This first one will give an introduction, describing my work-flow… Read more

Scarborough Registry Office Wedding – Noel and Gill

  Noel and Gill hired me to shoot their wedding having not seen a single one of my photographs. We were all at an event called Gaia Tribe, an intentionally small, creative community camp held once a year in Yorkshire that is especially good for families and kids, and I was there on a “working… Read more

York Registry Office and Ousefield House Wedding – James and Christina

  James and Christina’s wedding was on a crisp, bright day in early May and would take place in two venues. The noon ceremony was at the Registry Office in York, and through James’ career in the military, the reception would be at Ousefield House in Fulford, an officer’s mess for the nearby army barracks…. Read more

Oakworth Methodist Church Wedding, Keighley – James and Annemarie

  James rang me at short notice to photograph his wedding to Annemarie in Keighley, West Yorkshire, which was going to mean a fairly atypical trip outside of the bounds of York for a wedding shoot. But I’m all for variety and the more varied the wedding venues I attend in a professional capacity the… Read more

Merchant Adventurers Hall Wedding, York – Katy and Ian

  When I arrived at the Merchant Adventurers early afternoon for Katy and Ian’s wedding, the first thing I noticed from the layout board for the wedding breakfast tables was a definite cheese theme emerging, with each table named after a certain type. Did the couple have a shared love of all kinds of cheeses… Read more

Pavilion Hotel Wedding, York – Derek and Fiona

  Located in the Fulford area of York and developed from a small, Georgian House that was originally a 17th Century farmhouse, the Pavilion Hotel has a fascinating history. When owned by York entrepreneur Xavier Prendergast, it was known as Fulford House, and thanks to his theatrical connections, it hosted Jack Buchanan, Duke Ellington, Gracie… Read more

St. Oswald’s Church Wedding, York – Mark and Sam

  Sam and Mark’s wedding photography began at their house in Fulford, which was a short distance from St Oswald’s church where they were to be getting married. My day began shortly before noon with a few group photos of Mark, his best man and his family in their garden. While Sam and Mark were… Read more

Cafe 1331 Wedding, York – Greg and Jenny

  The Quarter is an area of the centre of York made up of snaking medieval streets and constitutes the heart of the city’s commercial centre. It’s connected by a “snicklelane” – a very narrow lane – to Stonegate, a historic Medieval and Georgian lined street that is one of the most popular in York…. Read more

York Registry Office and York Racecourse Wedding – Susan and Andy

  Susan and Andy’s wedding kicked off in style with the bride arriving at York registry office in a “Wedding Special” red, double decker bus. It was a notable splash of colour, for despite it being a mid-summer wedding, unfortunately the weather had decided not to co-operate and offered up a grey day complete with… Read more

Aldwark Manor Hotel Wedding, near York – Sarah and Rich

  Sarah and Rich’s mid-summer wedding was to be held near York, on the way to Harrogate, at the luxurious four-star Aldwark Manor Golf and Spa Hotel, an impressive location set within 120 acres of parkland. After arriving and doing a sequence of scene setting shots, I headed up to Sarah’s room to get some… Read more

Hotel du Vin Wedding, York – Lee and Caroline

  When I did my recce for Lee and Caroline’s wedding, the obvious standout feature that the Hotel du Vin had to offer me as a photographer was it’s fabulous wine glass chandelier suspended over the main staircase. How to incorporate it into a formal portrait shot of the couple would be a prominent focus… Read more

Marriott Hotel Wedding, York – Michael and Camilla

  Overlooking York racecourse, the Marriott International is a mixture of country house and modern hotel. My recce for Michael and Camilla’s wedding venue had revealed plenty of photogenic “hotspots” both inside and out for attractive wedding photography and as a new locale for me, it was a gig I particularly looked forward to. I… Read more

St. Wilfrid’s Church Wedding, York – Tom and Kathryn

  St. Wilfrid’s Catholic church in the centre of York dates from the mid 19th Century and was constructed in a revival Gothic style, a copy of 13th-14th Century styles. The arch over the main door is the most detailed Victorian carving in the city and it’s interior is rich with paintings, sculpture and stained… Read more

Barley Hall Wedding, York – Daniel and Kirsty

  Barley hall is a reconstructed medieval townhouse, located just off Stonegate in the centre of York. The oldest part of the hall dates from about 1360 and was built by monks as the York townhouse of Nostell Priory, which is located near Wakefield, West Yorkshire. It was extended in the 15th Century and became… Read more

All Saints Church Wedding, Settrington – Charlie and Vicki

  One of the things I enjoy about my job is in the consultation stage, I get to hear couple’s stories of how they first got together. Often it’s the case that the meeting happened through work, but with Vicki and Charlie, I discovered they met through an online dating service, something that’s worked for… Read more

Burn Hall Hotel Wedding, York – Simon and Amanda

  At the initial consultation, one of the things I ask prospective clients is if they have a particular colour scheme in mind for their wedding. When I arrived at the Burn Hall Hotel, which is about 10 miles north of York, I took a walk around the venue and the first thing that caught… Read more

Fountains Abbey Wedding, Nr Ripon – Michael and Kathryn

  One of the top wedding venues not just in Yorkshire, but in the country,  Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal estate offers couples the opportunity to get married within the splendour of a World Heritage site, and for not as much money as might be expected. When I met Kathryn and Michael at their consultation,… Read more

The Merchant Adventurer’s Hall Wedding, York – Tom and Katy

  A very popular venue for weddings in York, the Merchant Adventurers Hall is one of the finest medieval guildhalls in the world. Built over 600 years ago by a local fraternity, it is the largest timber framed building still used for its original purpose in the UK. It comprises The Great Hall, where medieval… Read more

Cameras, lenses, settings: How I shoot a wedding

  “Gear doesn’t matter” is an oft repeated phrase I hear, usually made by professionals and quite often with the most cutting edge equipment nearby or hanging round their necks. The truth is, while you don’t have to be a gear-head, equipment does matter. It’s true that anyone can get lucky and take an amazing… Read more

Grays Court Wedding, York – Viv and Rod

  Viv and Rod’s wedding is in my top 3 weddings that I have photographed so far. It was an occasion where all the stars seemed to align: the couple, the venue, the weather, the guests, an all day shoot from bridal prep to first dance that exceeded my expectations in the results I achieved…. Read more

Flash Technique in Wedding Photography

    I was originally going to call this post ‘Flash v Natural Light’ (as in artificial v natural) but when I reflected on the subject more closely, I decided that the two qualities of light were not in opposition to each other. Unless a difference is intended, with skill, the two light sources can… Read more

York Registry Office and Churchill Hotel Wedding – Sheri and Donovan

  Sheri had been bridesmaid at Helen and George’s wedding and had been sufficiently impressed with my work that she and her partner Donovan decided they wanted to hire me to photograph theirs. Which of course I was delighted about.   The ceremony and reception were split between venues – the Registry Office and The Churchill… Read more

The Recce

It’s a reckless photographer who goes to shoot a wedding without having done the requisite preparatory work before hand, and that includes checking out the venue, or venues, where the wedding ceremony and reception will be held ahead of time. I can’t imagine shooting a wedding without doing a recce, even if it’s at a… Read more

The Grange Hotel Wedding, York – Helen and George

  While every wedding follows an essential, common time line of events, they all have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies that make them unique in their own way; differences that reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. While it was highly enjoyable for me to shoot, some of those choices in Helen and George’s… Read more

The Northern Star

I thought for blog post number one on my new site, the best topic would be to write about photographing person number one at any wedding: the bride. If someone were to ask me what’s the best way to photograph a wedding, I would say, just follow the bride. She is the Northern Star I… Read more